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Indonesia’s head of state

Born on June 21st 1961 in Surakarta, Central  Java, Indonesia. Joko Widodo the leader of the fourth most populated country in the world became the 7th president of Indonesia on  20th October 2014 with a victory of more than 53% of the popular vote defeating former General Prabowo Subianto.

Commonly called Jokowi, the Indonesian President has attracted international attention with his populist style of campaigning and his anti corruption platform. He bacame the first Indonesian President who didnot have a military back ground or belong to one of the country’s prominent political families. His success at the polls was viewed by many as marking the era of genuine democracy in the Indonesian politics.

With a humble beginning the Indonesian business man, politician and goverment official who served as Mayor of Surakarta(2005-2012) his home town and Governor of Jakarta(2012-2014) is widely compared to the former U.S President Barack Obama, in part because of their physical resemblance and also because Jokowi largely fits the Obama mold as a charismatic nontraditional politician.

Jokowi continues to grow his popularity in his country of over 265 millions inhabitats, with recent polls showing his approval ratings at 60% as he prepares to run for another term for Indonesia’s highest office on April 17th 2019.