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Dear Internet friends, the whole team is delighted to welcome you to the website of the Indonesian Consulate in Cameroon.


It has been designed for you and you will find there, in French and in English, all the useful and up-to-date information on the relations Indo-Cameroonian in all fields. You will discover the missions and the activities of the consulate as well as the people who are responsible for their implementation. You will be able to find the useful information on the services that we put at your disposal, to facilitate your trip and a stay in Indonesia.


Your visit to this site will also allow you to learn about the many events that punctuate the relationship between Indonesia and Cameroon, and that illustrate its vitality. This website is only one of the communication spaces of the consulate which is also present on social networks Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Join us!

I also invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to discover all the richness of Cameroon’s relations with Indonesia.

I look forward to meeting you, and wish you, dear Internet users, a excellent virtual visit.

Vive Cameroon, long live Indonesia!

Raoul Ruben NJIONOU

Consul Honorary of the Republic of Indonesia in Cameroon